Documents to Provide Your Attorney

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Louisiana is a community property state, meaning that the assets and debts acquired during the marriage belong equally to both parties, with some exceptions. When it comes time to partition the community property, which is the process of dividing up the assets and debts of the parties, documentat...

Community Property

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What is a Community Property Partition? In Louisiana, when the parties are going through a divorce, an equitable division of the assets and debts acquired during the marriage must occur. This is called a community property partition. Dividing up the assets and debts between the parties can take...

What Expenses are Included in Your Child Support Payments?

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How is Child Support Calculated? There are many financial factors that are taken into consideration when calculating child support in Louisiana. The basic child support obligation is first calculated by combining the adjusted gross income of each parent, which is the amount of income each paren...

Tips to Reduce Your Legal Costs

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We know legal fees can become expensive very quickly. Here are some suggestions to help you minimize your legal expenses so that you can keep your case as cost effective as possible: Limit telephone calls: Attorneys do charge for telephone calls and emails.  Therefore, repeatedly calling your...

Why is Everyone Talking About Fault? 

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Divorce in Louisiana – What You Need to Know We regularly get calls from folks asking if they leave the house, will it be deemed abandonment or has my spouse abandoned me?  Louisiana law used to require that for people to obtain a divorce, the parties must show that someone was at fault for the ...

I Want Him/Her to Pay!!!

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           Its fairly common for a client to enter our office very upset and demand he or she wants other side to pay.  Generally, I imagine his or her ultimate desire to see the future former spouses head served up on a silver platter.  Of course, this is far outside the scope of any legal sol...

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