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Succession Attorney in Denham Springs, LA

Louisiana Estate Planning And Succession

What would happen if you died unexpectedly or became incapacitated? You should not assume that your heirs will simply sort it out. You cannot assume that your desires will be known and honored. A suitable estate plan will anticipate those scenarios to protect your hard-earned assets, provide for your family members, and spare them from many battles and excruciating decisions.

The Law Office of Ivy L. Graham provides estate planning services to clients in Livingston Parish and surrounding communities of southeast Louisiana. We also provide succession (estate administration) services to local clients or out-of-state heirs who have been appointed to settle a loved one's estate.

Prepare for the Future

Assistance With The Tasks Of Estate Succession

You will often hear that a succession ("probate") is a large and daunting process that needs to be avoided. This is not true. It is simply a legal process for transferring ownership of assets from the deceased to the living. In fact, for small estates, valued at $75,000 or less, the process involves just one document.

If you were named in a will or petitioned the court to be appointed the executor of a loved one's estate, Ivy can guide you through the succession process. She can help you inventory the assets, locate the heirs, sell property if necessary, pay debts, distribute the remaining assets, and file an accounting with the court. If you live outside of Louisiana, she can minimize your need to travel here to attend to the succession duties.

Ivy Graham is well-versed in all facets of estate law and will patiently answer your questions and address your concerns. Call us at 225-663-8959 to make an appointment.