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    The Law Office of Ivy L. Graham is a premier family law firm focusing on families, the local community, and the future of the profession of family law. Everyone’s situation is different, but because of the way our court systems work, patterns start to emerge in cases. Family law is the primary area of law in which this firm practices, and because of Ivy Graham’s dedication to this area of law, she can recognize those patterns and effectively assist her clients in navigating through them.

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  • Family Law

    There are no easy answers in family law. You are faced with stressful situations and difficult choices that will have an impact on your finances, your children and your future. Experienced attorney Ivy L. Graham provides the advice and support to get you through difficult divorce and custody matters, including high-asset and high-conflict cases. She is a patient listener and the voice of reason for resolving disputes over parenting, property and money. She is also a capable courtroom lawyer when litigation becomes necessary to protect what is most important to you.

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  • Successions

    Major life events often give rise to complicated or urgent legal issues such as a divorce or remarriage, a disabling accident or illness, or death in the family. The Law Office of Ivy L. Graham advises on all estate-related matters, which often overlap with family law and business interests. She can help you draft a will to get your affairs in order or update your estate planning documents to reflect new circumstances within your family. She also provides assistance to local residents or out-of-state relatives in administering a loved one’s estate.

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Who She Serves

Ivy L. Graham practices family law in the 21 st Judicial District Court, serving clients in Livingston Parish, Tangipahoa Parish, and St. Helena Parish, as well as Baton Rouge and surrounding southeast Louisiana.


“Thank you so much Ivy for all your help with my divorce. I don't know what I would have done or where I would be if y'all hadn't taken my case and shown the love and compassion towards me. I am forever in your debt.”

About Ivy

Ivy Graham is a lifelong resident of South Louisiana and has an extensive background in family law and related civil matters. Whether you are initiating proceedings or reacting to them, her experience as a skilled family law attorney will put you in position for a just and favorable outcome.

Counsel And Compassion When You Need It Most

Attorney Ivy L. Graham is skilled at unraveling the knots of family law, from the human and emotional factors to the legal and financial details, to protect your interests and help you move you forward. Since the flood, the firm is temporarily located in Livingston. Ivy practices primarily in the 21st Judicial District Court (Livingston Parish, Tangipahoa Parish, and St. Helena Parish). Reach out to Ivy Graham today to arrange a consultation with a capable and caring attorney.

Experienced Divorce Attorney in Livingston Parish

Many divorcing couples end up in litigation for the same reasons their marriage is ending — they have trouble communicating, compromising, or letting go of angers. Ivy Graham has handled hundreds of divorce cases and is able to help you move forward so that you can make suitable choices rather than dwelling on the past and focusing on the wrong issues. Ivy will take the time to listen to your story and address all of the key considerations.

Solutions For Divorce, Custody And Family Law

Ivy Graham provides individualized approaches and solutions that reflect your circumstances and your goals.

Her philosophy is to keep these important matters out of the courts and in your hands, which requires creativity and sound counsel on our part and some flexibility and difficult choices on yours. Ivy will provide you with her informed opinion and compassionate support to make those decisions and negotiate the details. She is also an efficient and experienced courtroom attorney if negotiations don't pan out and it becomes necessary to litigate.

She Will Get You Through This

Ivy's mission is to minimize the pain and conflict of divorce through tactical moves, innovative solutions and practical goals. She is well-versed in Louisiana family law, and her experience and compassion are reflected in the outcomes.

Arrange a consultation by calling 225-663-8959 or fill out our contact form below and she will reach out to you soon.

Modifications Of Custody Schedules Or Support Orders

Unforeseen events or the passage of time can trigger a need to modify your parenting plan, child support or spousal support. Whether you are seeking or opposing such a change, it is important to have qualified legal representation. A change could mean thousands of dollars or adversely affect your child's well-being or your relationship with your child.

At The Law Office of Ivy L. Graham, family law is our focus. We have handled hundreds of modifications over the years, from minor tweaks by mutual agreement to intensely contested court hearings and trials. You can count on Ivy Graham's experience as a trial lawyer to protect your parental rights and financial interests without unnecessarily escalating the conflict and the costs.

Your Advocate For The Difficult Issues Of Divorce

Ivy Graham informs all clients that divorce is a process, not an action. A part of that process is working out the calculations and the legal jargon. Another part is getting past the emotions to understand what is truly important and realistic.

The Law Office of Ivy L. Graham provides legal support and representation for this time of crisis and change. You may be initiating divorce to get out of a marriage that isn't working, or you may need an attorney because you were served with divorce papers. Whatever your circumstances, Ivy Graham will work to achieve the best possible outcome and counsel you every step of the way.

Let's Discuss Your Next Step

Ivy's mission is to minimize the pain and conflict of divorce, custody and all family law matters through tactical moves, innovative solutions, and practical goals. Attorney Ivy L. Graham is extremely knowledgeable in Louisiana family law and estate planning, and her experience and compassion are reflected in the outcomes.

Talk to An Experienced Attorney Today

Ivy can offer perspective and creative solutions to guide you down that path to the best possible outcome of an unfortunate situation. Her goal is to get you to a healthy state — legally, financially and mentally — to make the decisions that are best for you, your children and your future. Arrange a consultation today.