Your Advocate For The Difficult Issues Of Divorce

Ending a marriage is not any easy process. The emotions of divorce can cloud your judgment at a time when you need to make good decisions. The Law Office of Ivy L. Graham provides dependable counsel and representation when you need it most, guiding you to creative and practical solutions.

Find Out Where You Stand And How Ivy Can Help

Attorney Ivy Graham will sit down with you to explain the law and explore your options. She encourages and facilitates out-of-court solutions, but when there is no middle ground, she is prepared to argue your case before a judge.

Making Decisions For The Right Reasons

Emotions and sentimental attachments are ever present in divorce proceedings. Ivy helps you view your divorce settlement through a financial lens — what is practical, realistic and in your best interests. She starts with what you can agree on and works toward a full resolution. Ivy Graham is a capable trial lawyer in the event of litigation, but she will break down the costs and likely outcome of going to court so that you can make an informed decision.

Ivy represents clients in Livingston Parish, Tangipahoa Parish, St. Helena Parish and the Greater Baton Rouge area. Call her today at 225-663-8959, or contact her online and she will respond soon.

Talk to An Experienced Attorney Today

Ivy can offer perspective and creative solutions to guide you down that path to the best possible outcome of an unfortunate situation. Her goal is to get you to a healthy state — legally, financially and mentally — to make the decisions that are best for you, your children and your future. Arrange a consultation today.