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Child Support Attorney in Denham Springs, LA

Child Support Calculation

The Louisiana child support guidelines consider the gross incomes of both parents. But that is only a starting point. Health insurance, daycare, school tuition, and other factors are also taken into consideration when calculating child support. Parenting arrangements can additionally affect child support levels. Support will generally be higher if one parent has custody most of the time and lower in a shared custody situation.

Ivy's role is to make sure the court has correct income information and to present evidence for deviating upward or downward from the presumptive level of child support. She also has experience with child support in paternity cases, including retroactive support.

Determining Fair Child Support

Money issues are often a cause of disagreement in family law, especially financial support. It is human nature to worry about paying more than you can afford or receiving less than you need and deserve.

The state of Louisiana has guidelines for child support, but there are offsets and deviations that may apply in your case. Attorney Ivy L. Graham will advocate for you to make sure that the amount of support is fair and accurate.

Put Your Child in the
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Modifying Child Support

The party seeking a child support modification must show a material change in circumstances. This could be a job loss, reduction of work hours, or health problems. It could be a new job, promotion, or other increase in the paying party's income. It could be tied to the changing needs of the child. Either party can also ask the court to revisit child support if it has been three years since the last review.

Ivy has successfully represented clients on both sides of modifications, including termination of child support (age of emancipation) and increase or decrease of the child support obligation.

Establishing Paternity And Child Support Obligations

The first issue that must be dealt with is proof of paternity. If the father is not listed on the birth certificate, Ivy can arrange for a DNA test to establish that the child is his and follow up with the court to acknowledge paternity and get him added to the birth certificate.

If the paternity test is positive, the court can order child support. The mother may be entitled to support retroactive to the date she filed the petition. Ivy Graham can make sure that support is correctly calculated and can negotiate payment of any arrears.