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What Are the Biological Parent’s Rights in Adoption?

Law Office of Ivy L. Graham Jan. 2, 2024

Top view of Adoption law book with gavelEmbarking on the journey of adoption is a profound and life-changing decision filled with complexities and emotional highs and lows. It's a process that calls for understanding, patience, and a keen eye for the myriad legal requirements and procedures involved. That's where we, at The Law Office of Ivy L. Graham, step in.

Located in Denham Springs, Louisiana, and serving clients across Livingston, Colyell, Holden, and Albany, we're dedicated to guiding individuals and families through the intricacies of the adoption process. Our focus is on transparency, diligence, and above all, compassion. We understand that no two adoption cases are the same, so we provide personalized legal assistance tailored to your unique situation. With Ivy Graham, Attorney at Law, at the helm, we're committed to advocating for your best interests and helping you navigate towards a brighter tomorrow. 

Terminating Parental Rights and Consent Requirements

In Louisiana, before a child can be adopted, the biological parents' rights have to be legally terminated. This could happen voluntarily through a consent process, or involuntarily through a court order. If the biological parents are willing to relinquish their rights, they must provide written consent for the adoption. This consent has to be given freely and voluntarily, without any coercion or pressure. 

As your legal guide, we will ensure that the consent provided meets all legal requirements. We'll walk you through the process, ensuring that you fully understand the implications of your decisions. Our goal is to protect your rights and make sure the adoption process is carried out fairly and legally. 

Open vs. Closed Adoptions

In Louisiana, both open and closed adoptions are permitted. In an open adoption, the biological and adoptive parents maintain contact and may exchange information or have visitation rights. On the other hand, a closed adoption means there is no contact between the biological and adoptive parents after the adoption process. 

The level of contact in open adoptions is determined through an agreement or court order. We can help negotiate these agreements, safeguarding your interests while considering the best interest of the child. Whether you are leaning towards an open or closed adoption, we'll provide the necessary legal guidance to ensure the adoption process aligns with your expectations. 

Rights Before and After Adoption

Biological parents have certain rights both before and after the adoption process. Prior to the adoption, they have the right to make decisions regarding the child's upbringing, including medical care, education, and religious practices. They also have the right to be informed about the adoption process and to provide or withhold consent. 

However, once the adoption is finalized, the biological parents' rights are terminated, and they no longer have legal rights or responsibilities for the child. It's essential to understand this change, and we're here to help you with these transitions. We'll ensure you are fully informed and prepared for every step of the journey. 

Allow Us to Help You on This Journey

Working with an adoption attorney is crucial to understanding the complex legal requirements of the adoption process. At The Law Office of Ivy L. Graham, we can provide guidance on the consent process, termination of parental rights, and the legal implications of open or closed adoptions. 

We can also help negotiate agreements between the biological and adoptive parents and represent your interests in court. Our professional yet compassionate approach ensures you feel supported and understood during this challenging process. When you need a guiding hand, get in touch with our firm today.

Adoption can be a complex journey, but you don't have to go it alone. If you're in Denham Springs, Louisiana, or the surrounding areas of Livingston, Colyell, Holden, and Albany, we're here to support you. Reach out to us today for personalized, concise, and empathetic legal guidance.