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Ending Your Marriage
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No one expects to get divorced, so it's only normal for someone to feel overwhelmed when it does happen. Whether you're the one filing or you have been presented with divorce papers, you will want to get it over with as efficiently as possible so you can move on.

As your family law and divorce attorney, Ivy Graham will be there for you through every step of the process to ensure your voice is heard and fair agreements are reached. If you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse know you can agree on everything without emotion or bitterness, mediation may be your best option, but it's not the answer for everyone.

If there needs to be back-and-forth communication to reach agreements on things like child support, custody, alimony, or community property, Ivy will be there for you. Throughout the process, you will need an advocate on your side to fight for fair and favorable resolutions. Ivy is a highly experienced attorney who has helped countless people through their divorces.

If you live in Livingston, Denham Springs, Walker, Watson, Springfield, Holden, or Albany, Louisiana and are looking for a divorce attorney that will put your needs first, contact The Law Office of Ivy L. Graham to schedule a consultation.

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For many people, the result of your family's legal matter can be the difference between a better life and life filled with many legal problems that never seem to end. Because of this, you need to be able to fully trust your family law attorney from beginning to end.

From family matters involving divorce and prenuptial agreements to succession, wills, and adoption, attorney Ivy Graham has the experience to help you seek success in your case. If you live in Livingston or Denham Springs, Louisiana, turn to The Law Office of Ivy L. Graham for compassionate advocacy and representation.

You may have a lot of questions surrounding your issue, and living without answers can be emotionally draining. Ivy Graham has years of experience helping people through their family legal matters and making sure they are fully informed of their current situation. She strives to help you understand without using legal jargon.

No matter what you need an attorney for, Ivy will be there to help you. Her office in Livingston, Louisiana serves many communities in the area, including Denham Springs, Walker, Watson, Livingston, Holden, Springfield, and Albany. Fill out the form below or simply give her office a call to schedule a consultation.