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Adoption is a joyous occasion for families. Ivy Graham helps facilitate various types of adoption, including private adoptions, intra-family adoptions, and adult adoptions. She works to ensure that the biological parents and the adopting parents understand the law and procedure requirements of adoption.

Louisiana's Adoption Law

The most common type of adoption is intrafamily adoption. Intrafamily adoption is a simplified adoption process that allows relatives to adopt relatives. This is also referred to as stepparent adoption. Parental consent helps streamline this adoption process, however, there are a few exceptions in which parental consent is not required.

Another typical adoption is a private adoption. A private adoption is an adoption of a child by a single person, eighteen years or older, or by a married couple jointly. Parental consent is required for this type of adoption.

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Whatever your adoption needs may be, you can rest assured that Ivy Graham has the capability to deliver positive resolutions as quickly and successfully as possible. She recognizes that the particulars of adoption can be overwhelming and can assist you in taking additional steps to ensure that each adoption assures a safe and secure outcome for the child.